Manukura: Extremely Rare White Kiwi Living In New Zealand Dies After Surgery

An extremely rare snow white kiwi bird that is the first of its kin do be hatched in captivity has passed away after a surgery in New Zealand.

Manukura, the kiwi, passed away on Sunday.

In 2011, Manukura was hatched at the Pukaha National Wildlife Centre in New Zealand’s North Island.

Her white color was the first in its kind.

She had an extremely rare genetic disorder that is known as Leucism.

The Pukaha National Wildlife Centre confirmed the devastating news on Facebook earlier this week.

A statement that was shared with the public said:

It is with great sadness we announce the loss of our dear friend Manukura. 

The bird was brought to Wildbase Hospital in the first weeks of December after they noticed she was not eating properly.

The bird also lost some weight prior to the surgery.

In the post that was made by the centre, they said:

Wildbase vets operated to remove an infertile egg that had become stuck and unable to be passed naturally. More surgery was then required to remove her oviduct and most of her left ovary. The surgeries went well but were not enough to save the ailing kiwi whose health continued to deteriorate in the weeks following the operation. Manukura passed away peacefully at 12.50 PM on 27 December 2020 with rangers and veterinary staff present.

Manukura arrived in 2011 and she was hailed as a blessing by the Maori and local iwi Rangitane o Wairarapa tribes. 

The Maoris gave her the name Manukura, which means “of chiefly status”.

White Kiwi birds have been spotted in the wild before, but those are really, really, really rare.

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