Massive 2-Foot Centipede Spotted By Man In Japan

Well, not your average centipede.

A massive centipede was picture in a man’s flat and it has left social media users from all over the world with nightmares.

The massive centipede was reportedly spotted in Japan.

A video of the incident was uploaded on Saturday by u/SaucyLemur.

They shared the video with a caption: “Found this in my apartment while living in Japan. They are FAST!”

The thing is, a Reddit user shared a scary fact about centipedes, which left everyone in the comments section to scratch their heads.

A Reddit user said that house centipedes have an average speed of 1.3 feet per second.

Yep, that’s around 0.4 meters per second. That’s per second guys, per freaking seconds!!

Despite being such a big and scary looking insects, centipedes are known to be the good types of pests that we can find inside our houses.

Giant centipedes are known for for eating spiders, cockroaches, and many other insects that are harmful to humans.

A user said:

They are actually considered one of the good bugs to have in your home despite the creepy look of them. They eat spiders, roaches, termites, ants ect.. If you see them, you have something else infesting your home that’s worth eating, but you don’t notice them because the house centipede is actively taking control of that problem for you. Now, if you have a TON of house centipedes and they are often sighted… You should actually be worrying less about them, and more about what horrible thing is in your house to attract so many… Goodnight! Sleep well!

Users also managed to identify the centipede.

According to the users, the Scutigera coleoptrata) is harmless and non-aggressive despite its intimidating body.

I don’t know about that guy, but if I found a centipede in that size inside my house, I’m leaving the house right away.

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