Melbourne residents plant tree in pothole to get local council fix their road

Local residents in Melbourne, Australia, decided to plant a tree in a pothole in order to get the local council fix their road.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

Residents from the suburb of Diamond Creek came up with the way because the local council was not acting quick enough.

The hole had damaged several cars and yet the council was not doing anything.

She they decided to take the matter into their own hands.

The locals planted a tree in the hole.

On a Diamond Creek Community page, members said that the pothole was in the middle of the train line crossing.

Members said that they had reported the pothole to the locals, but they were not doing anything.

After getting enough of it, they just decided to plant a tree in it so it could get fixed at an instant.

Hilarious, right?

The Department of Transport was contacted by LADBible for the incident, but no one responded to the enquiry that they had carried out.

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