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Military Personnel Help Pregnant Woman Reach Hospital By Carrying Her Through Knee-Deep Snow In Kashmir

Military personnel in India are making headlines all over the world for doing something really nice for a pregnant woman.

The army personnel that we are talking about helped a pregnant woman reach a hospital by carrying her through knee-deep snow.

According to reports, the incident happened at Karalpura, which is located in Kupwara.

The woman reportedly managed to reach the hospital on time for the delivery even if Kashmir is cut off from the country due to the ongoing heavy snowfall.

A nurse, army personnel, and other locals carried the woman for 2 kilometers in knee-deep snow on a cot so she could be brought to a hospital.

A video of the incident was shared by PRO Udhampur, Ministry of Defence, with the caption: “Heavy snow in Kashmir brings unprecedented challenges for citizens, especially in higher reaches. Watch the Soldier & Awam fighting it out together by evacuating a patient to the nearest PHC for medical treatment.”

You can watch the video below:

The woman reached the hospital on time and delivered a baby boy, confirmed a report by PTI>

It was later revealed that the incident happened at around 11:30 pm of Tuesday.

The COB (Company Operating Base) of the Indian Army at Karalpura received a distress call from Manzoor Ahmed Sheikh who lives in Pharkian Village.

Sheikh informed the army that his wife was going through labor pain and she had to be brought to a hospital right away.

Images of the incident were also shared with the public on Twitter.

Such an amazing thing to do in such times.

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Amazing! That’s definitely going above and beyond the call of duty! I want them around when I need to get somewhere in a hurry!!

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