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Girl Donates Birthday Money To Homeless Man Who Returned Her Grandmother’s Wallet

A girl from the United States of America is currently making headlines all over the world for doing something amazing for a homeless man.

Evelyn Topper dropped her wallet and a kind homeless man returned it instead of keeping them with her.

Mikayla Gounard, the kind girl, gave all her birthday money to the homeless man that returned her grandmother’s wallet.

The incident happened in San Rafael, California.

Topper said she likely dropped the wallet when she and her granddaughter were leaving a local coffee shop.

Topper did not realize that it was missing until they got home.

Her credit card, debit card, and medical cards were gone.

The next day, something amazing happened.

The woman got a call where she was told that she does not have to worry about anything.

Sean Curry, the homeless man, said he had found the wallet in a dumpster behind the coffee shop.

Everything else was still in the wallet, but the cash was gone.

Despite being homeless for the past 5 years, Curry reached out to make arrangements to return the property of Topper.

During an interview with NBC, the man said he did it because he has a heart and this is how he was brought up.

Mikayla had a socially distant drive-by party planned for her 12th birthday party and instead of getting presents, the girl asked for contributions that she could donate to charity.

At first, the girl did not know which charity she will be giving money to, but after learning more about the man that did the kind act for her grandmother, she knew she had found the person to help.

On the day of her party, the girl gave the man the money.

The exact amount of money was not revealed by the family, but the family said it was a couple of hundreds of dollars.

What an amazing act by the family! What are your thoughts about it?

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