Mother Bear Hilariously Struggles To Get All Her Cubs Cross The Road

A mother and her struggles with her babies.

A black mother bear was caught on cam hilariously struggling to get all her babies cross the road as cars piled up in both directions.

Watch the video below:

The mother could be seen running across to make sure that everything was right.

The incident happened 25 miles northwest of Hartford, the capital of Connecticut, USA.

A driver in the city of Wisnted had a front row seat to the amusing scene unfolding.

For a mother, taking care of 1 cub can be stressing, so you can imagine the things that this mother bear had to go through, considering that she had to make sure that all her 4 cubs were safe during the move.

The video was reportedly shot on March 27, 2021.

It shows the difficulties she had as the last cub did not want to cross the road.

Instead of following the mother, the little one was trying to climb a utility pole instead.

The police were called to the scene and as everyone were waiting, the bear made sure that her cubs were safe.

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