Pregnant Tigress Who Was About To Deliver 4 Cubs Next Month Is Killed By Poachers

Horrible, completely horrible.

The forest and police department of the Pandharkawda area were left in complete shock after they were told that a pregnant tigress who was about to give birth to 4 cubs was killed in a brutal way by poachers.

The authorities are still clueless on who killed the pregnant Mukutban tigress on April 5, 2021.

According to a report by Times of India, the 4-year-old pregnant tigress with 4 fetuses in her womb was brutally killed by unidentified poachers in the Mukutban forest range.

According to the report of the autopsy that was carried out on the tigress, the fetuses were around 60 days old.

They are considered as 3 to 3.5 months old in the tiger time table.

The tigress was supposed to give birth to the cubs in a couple of weeks, said the authorities.

The report of TOI also said that the carcass of the tigress was around 4 days old and the body had around 7 injury marks.

The poachers killed the tigress and chopped the front paws of the tigress with an axe.

Yavatmal Chief Conservator of Forest SV Ramarao said that they have no clue on who carried out the horrible incident.

They added:

“As of now, there are no clues. On Wednesday, the superintendent of police Dilip Patil Bhujbal will himself visit the spot to know about the crime scene. We will soon zero in on the culprits.”

The horrible thing about this news is that this is not the first case of such incident this year.

In just 3 months, 17 tigers have passed away in Maharashtra alone.

11 of the deaths were caused by poaching or under mysterious circumstances, which have not been proven yet.

In the pace that the country is going in right now, India is expected to surpass its tiger death rate in the 3 year average.

In 2018, only 20 tigers passed away, in 2019, 22 tigers passed away and in 2020, 20 tigers passed away.

People are currently demanding justice for the pregnant tigress that got recently killed in Maharashtra.

Let’s hope the poachers who carried out the incident are to get arrested in the near future.

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