Mother duck waits for help after her babies fell into a drain 

A mother duck patiently waited for help after her babies fell into a drain.

A man, who was not named, was observing a little duck family crossing the road together when suddenly the little chicks fell into a nearby drain.

The mother duck was left in shock and had a hard time understanding what happened. 

As a result, the mother duck waited helplessly nearby and could not do anything, despite seeing her babies down the drain.

The good thing is that the man knew that he needed to help out the family and contacted the RSPCA right away.

Jenny Bethel, an inspector with the RSPCA, said:

The man could see the ducklings swimming in the grate, but they were unable to get out, and their mother was getting stressed, so he contacted us for help. Using one fishing net to block the drainage hole and another to scoop them out, I was able to safely catch them and put them into a box.

In order to release the ducklings and reunite them with their mother, Bethel decided to lead the duck to a nearby lake and do the reunion at that spot.

As she walked with the box of ducklings, the mother walked closely behind in order to get reunited with the babies.

Once the family reached the lake, the mother hopped into the water and Bethel let the babies out of the bucks.

Talking about the incident, Bethel said that it was great to see them run into the water and swim after their mother.

Luckily, they were reunited in the best way possible.

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