Mutant Calf Is Born With 2-Heads And Pig-Like Body In Russia

A mutant calf with 2 heads and a body of a pig was recently discovered by a farmer in Russia, which left a lot of people baffled.

The animal resembles 2 pigs instead of a cow.

The farmer that owns the mutant-cow said that the freakish animal did not survive its birth, which also killed the mother.

Vets reportedly studied the calf in the village of Matkechik, Khakassia, Russia, earlier this month after the farmer reported the abnormality.

A picture that was shared with the public shows the lifeless beast with its hairless pink body laid on the ground.

Its hind legs were also splayed.

Local residents said that the mutant calf did not survive for much long and sadly, the mother passed away a couple of days after.

The Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Khakassia released a statement about the incident, saying:

Such a case did indeed take place in the village of Matkechik, Beysky District, at one of the private farmsteads. According to the owner, the calf was stillborn and was the cow’s first offspring. The main reason for animals being born with genetic abnormalities (mutations) is a change in the genome. The reasons for mutations in animals are caused by their external and internal environment. Mutations are inherited changes in the genome, arising as a result of certain mutagenic influences, as well as in artificial (experimental) conditions. Also, mutations can occur during crossbreeding.

The Department of Veterinary Medicine noted that it is important for officials to carry out artificial insemination practices at private farms instead of allowing farm owners to do it.

No further information was released about the unusual case.

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