NY Cop Punches Violent Woman In The Throat While Arresting Her

A police officer from New York, USA, was caught on camera punching a woman in the throat which knocked her flat on the ground, while trying to arrest her.

The DeWitt Police Dept. released body cam footage that showed the entire incident.

According to reports, police officers were dispatched on reports of women fighting inside an East Syracuse Walmart on July 4.

The women were also using pepper spray, said the distress call.

When the police showed, Rory Spain, a police officer, tried to separate the two parties, and ended up restraining the lady that he ended up punching.

As Officer Rory was trying to lead Tyreana Edmonds away, things escalated.

In the video, which is viral on the internet right now, you can see Edmonds trying to bite the arm of Officer Rory.

As he tried to pull his arm away, he unloads a punch right on her throat.

The punch lands and Edmonds is tossed back, which made her fall hard on the ground.

People in the video were angry after Officer Rory punched the woman I the throat.

After the punch, he and his fellow officers arrested her and others that were involved in the altercation.

Edmonds was also hit with 2nd-degree attempted assault of a police officer.

As for Officer Rory, he is currently on paid administrative leave while the department investigates the punch that he threw.

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