Woman Kills Roommate After He Refused To Kiss Her In Front Of His Girlfriend

Illinois, United States: A 28-year-old woman from Rolling Meadows is currently accused of fatally shooting a man earlier this week after he refused to kiss her.

According to reports, Claudia Resendiz-Flores shot a man earlier this week when he refused to kiss her and instead asked his girlfriend for a kiss.

The incident happened when the 3 were hanging out and were drinking at their Rolling Meadows house, said Cook County prosecutors said at her bond hearing Saturday.

Claudia had recently moved in with the couple at the Preserve at Woodfield Apartment complex at 4700 Arbor Drive in the Northwest Suburb.

As Claudia was drinking, she asked 29-year-old James Jones for a kiss and became jealous when he refused and instead turned to his girlfriend and asked for a smooch.

Claudia got angry after she was rejected, and she demanded James to be kissed again.

When Jones said he would not kiss her, Claudia took a gun out, which was tucked between couch cushions at the home and aimed at him.

James reportedly tried to push the gun down after he saw Claudia’s finger on the trigger and watched her take the safety off.

She then lifted her arms and shot him once in the chest, which killed him right away.

The girlfriend of Jones called 911 right away and responding officers found the gun inside the living room.

Claudia admitted to shooting James.

She is now charged with first-degree murder.

Claudia is married, however, she is separated from her husband and is the sole caretaker for her 3 young children.

Judge John F. Lyke Jr. ordered Resendiz-Flores held without bail.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim, may his soul rest in peace.  

By Pei Yong

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