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People Raise $79,000 For Single Mother Who Was Arrested Because She Had To Leave Her Children To Go To Work

Kind people of the world have come together again to help out a single mother and everything about her story is amazing.

A GoFundMe page that was set up to help a single mother who was arrested by the police because she left her kids alone so she could go to work, has raised over $79,000 for the mother.

24-year-old Shaina Bell was arrested on charges of child endangerment after allegedly leaving her 3 young children in a motel room.

She went to her work at Little Caesars.

With the pandemic putting an additional strain on the struggling parents due to school closures and lack of child care, people who got to know about the case of Bell showed great sympathy.

People ended up offering a helping hand.

Bell was arrested while she was at work on February 11, 2021.

She was taken to the Turnbull County Jail and was charged with 2 counts of endangering children, a first-degree misdeameanor that carries a potential maximum jail sentence of 6 months, as well as fines of up to $1,000.

Bell was out by jail the next day, but she and her children are now in need of immediate housing.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Danielle Hosey, the mother of Bell.

It said that she wanted to help her daughter, Faith, Jai’Sean, and Jade, her grandchildren.

The page was set up to help the woman so she could secure a permanent and safe housing.

The money will be going towards establishing a safe and permanent home for the young family.

At the time of writing, the page raised over $79,000.

The mother of the woman said that Bell works very hard for her kids and lovers her family so much.

She thanked the people that donated for her child and said:

We understand that everyone has a story and we are grateful that you are listening to ours. From the bottom of our hearts we not only appreciate the financial contributions, but also the outpouring of support in the form of kind words and understanding.

Bell informed the police when she was arrested that she has someone that checks on her children on an hourly basis when she is working.

Bell is currently free on bail after a court hearing at the Girard Municipal Court.

She is scheduled for another hearing in April of this year.

You can donate some money for Shaina by clicking here.

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