Terrified Student Pictures Massive Huntsman Spider With Army Of Offspring On Her Oven

In reality, spiders are really great to be living inside our houses. They help control mosquitos and flies, but most of the time, they are pretty scary to look at.

But despite that, they are really scary, even the ones that are not venomous.

In a story that was recently shared with the public, something really scary happened and if it was you, you would probably burn down the house.

But that is not what Imogen Moore, an Australian woman, did.

Instead, she shared images of the spider on Facebook, a social media platform.

And in the images, you can see a massive mother huntsman spider feeling comfortable and roaming around with her offspring on an oven.

Imogen, a sport and exercise science student at the University of Technology Sydney, shared the pictures on a page named Australian Native Animals.

It is a public group that has long been a mine for all things creepy and crawly.

The pictures were shared with the caption “Baby huntsmen and the massive mother spider”.

In both images, the gigantic mother can be seen surrounded by her brood.

The student said that she did not want to killed the family of the huntsman spider, so they just decided to turn off the lights with hopes that they would just move on.

Let’s hope that worked out pretty well for Imogen.

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