Police say Florida school principal who paddled 6-year-old did not commit crime

The police in Florida have said that the principal who was caught on camera paddling a 6-year-old did not commit any crime.

Yep, that happened.

Melissa Carter, who works at Central Elementary School in Clewiston, Florida, was caught on camera by the mother of the child.

The principal was seen paddling the 6-year-old for damaging a computer.

The incident happened after a school clerk named Cecilia Self called the mother of the child to say that the school has a paddle that they could use to smack the child with.

However, in order for that to be used, a deputy sheriff and the mother needs to be present.

Corporal punishment is legal in a number of Florida counties, however, it is banned in Hendry, where the incident happened.

A police report was filed against Melisa Carter and the clerk on April 13, 2021.

However, justice was not served.

Steve Whidden, the Sheriff of the Hendry County, said that he saw no crime being committed from his perspective.

The sheriff said that it was up to the state attorney to decide where to bring charges against the principal o the school.

A memo form the State Attorney’s Office said:

It is clear using a paddle to spank a child is not likely to cause death or great bodily harm.

The mother of the victim went to the school to witness the discipline, however, she was confused by a language barrier.

She also said that she did not understand the process correctly.

Brent Probinsky, the attorney of the mother, explained that she is an undocumented immigrant in fear of being deported.

Brent went on:

She was confused as to her rights, what she should do… the mother didn’t know if they had a right to paddle her.

Despite the confusion, the state attorney said that a parent has the right to use corporal punishment to discipline their children and similarity has the right to consent hat others do so on their behalf.

After the incident, the principal was placed on administrative leave.

The Clewiston Police Department investigated the incident and are currently making sure that the rights of all parties in the matter stay preserved.

Because the mother had no idea what was going on, she decided to record the entire incident while hiding the phone with her purse.

The lawyer of the woman said:

In my view, this is a crime. This is an aggravated battery. What happened is barbaric, outrageous. Corporal punishment has to end.

Robert Foley, a Criminal Defense Attorney, said that the Hendry County District Schools do not allow such punishments.

The 2 staff members can face disciplinary action from the district.

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