Puppy Siblings Adopted By Different Families Recognize Each Other Despite Staying 1 Year Away From Each Other

Puppy siblings that were adopted by different families recognized each other despite the fact that they spent around 1 year away from each other.

The two puppies hugged each other during the first meeting.

David Kidd was out walking with his 1-year-old puppy Monty when he spotted another dog that looked just like his puppy.

Little did he know that Monty was crossing paths with Rosie, their sibling who got separated from them during birth.

Susan, the mother of Rosie, started to chat with David and they noticed that their dogs started to hug each other.

After some time, they realized that they were from the same litter.

Susan said that she lives in the next village.

During an interview with Bored Panda, Susan Killip, the mother of Rosie, said:

My husband Lee and I took Rosie for a walk one day… It was so lovely, they both just jumped up and hugged each other, it was amazing. It’s nearly Rosie and Monty’s first birthday, (so) hopefully we can do something to celebrate it together.

Such an amazing view, right?

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