Squirrel Strikes “Mr Universe” Pose

1, 2, 3 strike a pose!

A funny picture that is viral on the internet right now shows the moment a squirrel pulling a “Mr. Universe” pose outside the window of a person.

David Roberts, a 65 year old, took the picture in Glasgow when they saw the squirrel striking the pose. 

David, who is retired, said that his lucky moment with the squirrel was unexpected.

He said that the squirrel was on the window ledge running around and looking in.

David stopped looking at the squirrel for some time but when they started to look at the animal again, they realized it was trying to do something.

David said that the squirrel had stopped moving and had cracked a pose.

David got his camera and took a picture right away.

Talking about it, he said:

I was pretty chuffed with it. I am always taking photos of birds at the feeders and try to get good shots with them in flight.

What are your thoughts on the unusual picture that David took of the squirrel? Let us know what you think about the picture by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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