Remains Of Great White Shark Found Floating In A Green Tank At Abandoned Zoo

Pictures of an abandoned zoo in Australia shows a green tank that still has the remains of a great white shark.

The images shows a dead 4-meter great white shark floating in a green tank in Wildlife Wonderland Park in Victoria, Australia.

The park shut down in 2012.

Luke McPherson, an urban explorer, captured the terrifying find in 2018 and shared the video right away.

Talking about his find, he said:

Once I got the light behind the tank I was like ‘wow that’s creepy’! The fumes were so bad you couldn’t last longer than a minute in that room, the formaldehyde must have been evaporating. The tank was huge and in bad condition, with a rusting metal frame and smashed panels of glass and trash thrown inside.

The shark reportedly died in a fishing net in 1998 and was displayed in the park until its closure in 2012.

It was later revealed that the great white shark was named Rosie.

Nearly 11 million people have watched the video that he had took.

A surge of interest in the shark was sparked after the video went viral and some people tried to break into the abandoned park to see the creature themselves.

A number of people also tried to destroy the tank of Rosie.

Supportive members of the public called for the shark to be removed and the good thing is that it was removed.

Rosie was rehomed at a local Aussie business Crystal World and Prehistoric Journey in early 2019.

Shane McAlister, an employee at Aussie business Crystal World and Prehistoric Journey, said:

To bring her back and actually put her on show for people is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do this and I’m just very bless and proud to be a part of it, Mr. McAlister told Daily Mail at the time. Rosie herself has had a pretty amazing journey.

The good thing is that Rosie has been rehomed.  

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