Locals Force Weak Thief To Drink Energy Drink So He Could Be Beaten Up Again

A report that was published by the Kenyan Post, a gang in Ghana forced a thief to drink an energy drink amidst a beating just so he could regain some strength to get beaten again.

The report said that the incident happened in Takoradi, Ghana.

It is believed that a local gang forced a thief to drink an energy drink so he could regain some strength and could get beaten again.

An eyewitness shared images of the incident on social media.

The eyewitness, said that the thief was caught stealing by the gang, who decided to give him some beating.

The gang did not hand the thief over to the police.

Local boys of the took the matter into their own hands and gave him a heck of a beating.

After the local boys noticed that the man became weak as a result of the beatings, they gave him a Rush Energy Drink.

They did this so he could regain some energy so he could be beaten up again.

A local shared the picture with the caption of:

Welcome to Takoradi Ghana, where subsequent to beating a criminal, we offer him a container of surge caffeinated drink so we can beat him once more. You perceive how kind we are. No spot like Taadi.

The Ghana police did not confirm the incident or did not release an official statement about the incident that happened.

The current state  of the thief is unknown

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