Stray dog and Leopard spend 7 hours together inside bathroom after getting trapped

A stray dog and a leopard got into a truce and ended up spending 7 hours together after the 2 got trapped inside a bathroom.

A stray dog that was locally known as Bollu was chased down by a leopard in Karnataka, India, when the poor one decided to run inside the house and hide in a bathroom.

The leopard that was chasing the dog followed them and went on to get inside the dog.

When the homeowner spotted the leopard, they shut down the door.

 The homeowner called the forest department and upon their arrival, the first thing that they did was to stuck a camera inside.

They were shocked after finding what was happening.

The dog and the leopard were just sitting there, looking like the two were in a truce.

After some time, the forestry officials managed to free the leopard, who ran back into the surrounding wilderness.

The dog was rescued too, and they did not have any injuries.

The news was shared by Prajwal Manipal, a journalist.

He said in the post:

Many are wondering why the leopard did not attack the dog. Raghavendra, forest officer in Subramanya, says leopards prefer to attack in stealth but here, it may have been wary of the dog defending itself and the lack of a clear escape route.

Such an amazing thing, right?

What are your thoughts on the dog surviving even after being with the leopard by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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