Soldier gets 19 months jail time for getting swastika tattoo on his private parts

A solider from Austria did something no one will ever think about it life, they got a tattoo on their private parts. Yes, private parts. The solider reportedly got 19 months jail time after they got a swastika tattoo on their testicle. The man, who is 29 years old, told the court in Klagenfurt, that […]


Doctors in Austria amputate wrong leg of elderly man in tragic human mistake

Doctors at a hospital in Australia amputated the wrong keg of an elderly man. The elderly man is reportedly 82-years-old. Doctors blamed human error for the tragic mistake. In a statement that the Freistadt Clinic released, it was revealed that the elderly patient had his right leg removed instead of the left leg. The worst […]


Woman Survives After Falling Down 650 Foot Cliff Moments After Saying Yes To Marriage Proposal

A romantic proposal in Austria is currently making headlines all over the world due to the failure that it had. The romantic proposal ended in disaster for one couple as the woman fell down a 650 foot cliff a couple of moments after she said yes. The woman, who is 32, accepted the proposal of […]