Soldier gets 19 months jail time for getting swastika tattoo on his private parts

A solider from Austria did something no one will ever think about it life, they got a tattoo on their private parts.

Yes, private parts.

The solider reportedly got 19 months jail time after they got a swastika tattoo on their testicle.

The man, who is 29 years old, told the court in Klagenfurt, that he got mixed in with a bad crowd and was previously aligned with the far right movement.

The man said that he left the movement 8 years ago, however, he was also growing fond of being anti-establishment.

He said in court:

I just got in with bad company. For us, anything that wasn’t allowed was something we gravitated towards, but we all underestimated enormously how much a mistake this was.

The prosecution said that the man was drunk after drinking 2 bottles of whiskey when he got his brother to tattoo the Nazi-era symbol on his “scrot*m.

After getting the tattoo, the man showed it off at 2 occasions.

At first he showed it off to his army colleagues and other when he was drunk on the final evening of a military exercise.

The thing is, it does not stopped there.

The man got the swastika symbol on his balls, he also had posted Nazi pictures at a Cold War bunker museum, he was drinking a Hitler-branded wine, and was known to share Nazi propaganda content on the internet.

The man admitted to the authorities that glorifying the hateful Nazi culture was complete “nonsense”.

The man also apologised for the actions that he had committed, which he later called an embarrassment.

He went on:

Other than that, I can’t give any reasonable explanation for why I did it.

The soldier also said that he stopped drinking heavily after an accident, which left him in jail.

Also, the man said that the tattoo that is present on his private parts is no longer visible.

As a result of his idiotic actions, the man has been sentenced to 19 months in jail for the glorification of Nazism and for possessing an illegal firearm.

Franz Zimmermann, his lawyer, said that he will be appealing the sentence in court.

Right now, it is illegal to revive or glorify organisations that resemble the Nazi part thanks to the National Socialism Prohibition Act of 1947.

The legislation requires anyone convicted of the offence to spend time in prison.

In 1992, the law was updated. 

The law prohibits Holocaust denial and the deliberate belittlement of any Nazi atrocities.

Before the update was made, there were some courts that were lenient on crimes that are related to the 2 above.

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