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Brave woman punches crocodile in the face to save twin sister

A woman from England was on a holiday with her twin sister when she had to punch a crocodile in the face to save her after they were attacked. Mellisa and Georgia Laurie, 28, were swimming in a lagoon when the incident happened. One of them is currently in a medically-induced coma. Melissa was reportedly […]


Woman Jumps Into Freezing Backyard Swimming Pool And Smashes The Ice To Rescue Drowning Pet Dog

A woman was caught on camera jumping into a freezing backyard swimming pool and smashing the ice so they could rescue their drowning pet dog. The 2 dogs of Jennie Tatum were playing in her family‚Äôs backyard in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, when one of them, Sid, slipped. They broke through the ice and ended up drowning. […]