2 Irish Nuns “Breached” Coronavirus Rules To Expel Demons From Dublin Parliament

2 Irish nuns are currently being accused of breaking coronavirus lockdown restrictions in order to attend an exorcism at a park in Dublin. The 2 nuns, who have been identified as Mother Irene Gibson and Sister Anne Marie travelled from Cork to Dublin. The women went to attend an exorcism of the Dail in December, […]

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Hikers carry freezing dog off snowy mountains where it wandered alone for 2 weeks after getting lost

2 amazing hikers ended up carrying a freezing dog off snowy mountains where it was wandering alone for 2 straight weeks. The dog reportedly spend nearly 2 weeks on the snow covered mountains. Ciara Nolan and Jean-Francois Bonnet found Neesha, a golden retriever, near a summit in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland. The 2 hikers […]