Indian man dresses up as bride to see secret girlfriend on her wedding day

A man from India was beaten up by locals after he was caught dressing up as a bride so he could see his secret girlfriend on her wedding day. A video of the incident has been shared on social media and it is viral right now. In the video, the man, who was not named, […]


Man wearing Superman costume nearly dies after getting hit by bus while trying to stop it to check if he was made out of steal

A comedian that wore a Superman costume for an act was hit by a bus and was left with injuries while trying to stop it to check if they are really made out of steel. Sometimes, I wanna hit myself for the stupid things other people do. According to reports, the miscalculated stunt happened on […]


Stupid man handles and licks slimy creature on beach not knowing it can kill humans

A man, who is being called stupid, took a video of himself handling and licking a slimy creature on the beach, not knowing that it can kill humans. Ignorance can sometimes kill you. The video that he took of himself shows a sea animal washed up on the beach. The creature had a transparent balloon-like […]