US President Joe Biden cancels funding for Trump’s controversial border wall with Mexico

Joe Biden, the current sitting president of the United States of America, has cancelled the funding for former president Trump’s controversial border wall with Mexico. Biden rescinded the national emergency order that was used to fund the wall of Donald Trump between the US and Mexico. It was done in a letter that was written […]


Actor Dave Bautista Offers $20,000 To Anyone That Points Out Person Who Scraped “Trump” On Manatee

Dave Bautista, an actor, announced recently on social media that they will be giving out $20,000 to anyone that points out the person that scraped the word “Trump” on a manatee. Bautista, a former WWE superstar and a current Guardians of the Galaxy star announced the reward on Twitter. They said: If there’s not already […]


Donald Trump Supporter Who Forgot To Remove Work ID During Capitol Hill Riots Has Been Fired From Their Job

After working, the first thing that we do is remove the work ID that we are wearing, but not everyone is like this, especially this Trump supporter. A Donald Trump supporter who forgot to remove their working ID during the Capitol Hill Riots has been fired from their job. The man was wearing their work […]