Taxi Driver Finds World’s Most Venomous Spider In Bag Of Bananas

A taxi driver found the world’s most venomous spider in a bag of bananas that he had bought from a supermarket.

Joe Stein, who is 37, said that he found the spider when he opened his bag of fruit.

The 2-inch spider was hanging from the fruit and was left terrified when he saw the spider.

The man through it right into the bin right away and later found out that it was a deadly Brazilian wandering spider, which is the world’s most venomous spiders on the planet.

Joe, who is from Beckenham, Kent, said:

I sort of had to refocus my eyes so I could see his big bony, hairy legs. It was a bit shocking! Obviously I was shocked, my girlfriend was a bit shocked, finding out it was a venomous spider if alive. Luckily I think it was dead, but it was enough to make us both jump and feel on edge. I want to make people aware and to be careful.

Talking about what happened, he said

Opened the bag, everything fine, turned the bananas over and all I saw was this huge dark mass hanging on to the bananas. It was a spider and it started to move so I shouted to my girlfriend “don’t come in the kitchen!”

The man threw the whole bag in his outside bin and warned his girlfriend, Natasha Gooda, to stay away.

He then went out again and got the entire bag to search for the spider again.

He added:

I emptied the whole bag into a plastic box, and as soon as it fell out I put lid on it and I could tell it wasn’t moving. We Googled it and it looks 99% like the wandering spider.

The spider that he found is commonly found in South America and is usually found on banana leaves or bananas themselves.

The venom of the spider is so dangerous that it can cause excessive salivation and irregular heartbeat.

Talking about the spider, Joe said:

I saw a few pictures, it looked identical; the big hairy legs, the big abdomen with the little humps coming out and a black line. I was a bit shocked to find out it’s one of the most venomous and dangerous spiders in the world.

Luckily, no one was bitten by the spider.

By Pei Yong

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