Thousands of blue and brown worms mysteriously wash up on Philippines beach leaving villagers horrified

Thousands of blue and brown worms were mysteriously washed up on a beach in the Philippines, leaving all villagers and locals horrified.

The hair-raising moment was caught on camera and images of it shows you how horrifying the situation looks like.

Residents of Ilocos Sur Province said that the scene was first spotted by a group of children that were playing near the water at around 7pm on March 30, 2021.

In the video, blue and brown worms could be seen wriggling in the shallow water.

Some of the worms were washed ashore by the waves.

Carl Rebogio, an uncle of one of the kids, said that worms grew in numbers as the current pushed them on the sand.

Carl added:

We don’t know where they came from but it seemed like the water pushes them to the shore. The children found them while playing and called us to inspect. It was the first time this happened in our area.

The worms were around 10 inches long and had hundreds of limbs on their body.

Not only that, but the worms disappeared 3 hours after they were discovered.

The villagers had no idea where the creatures went.

He went on:

We checked again around 10pm and all the worms were gone. The water here is not polluted so that may not be the reason.

Nereo Daproza, a local official, has sought help from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, so they could investigate and know or identify the creatures.

The officer said:

Some of the residents were able to take some of the worms and were given to the agency so they could identify what it is.

The agency has not released the results of the samples that were handed to them.

Residents have been told not to touch the worms as they can be toxic and dangerous.

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