Unlucky Fisherman Eaten By Piranhas While Trying To Escape Bee Swarm

A 30-year-old unlucky fisherman died after they jumped into a lake that was full of piranhas while they were trying to escape a swarm of bees.

The 30-year-old w as fishing with his 2 friends by the shoreline of a lake in Brazil when they were targeted by the insects.

The 3 men jumped into the lake, which was filled with piranhas.

The sad news is that one of them was unable to get out and ended up drowning.

Specialist divers found his body with multiple lacerations that were left by the piranhas.

According to reports, the lacerations were found on his face, his ears and other parts of his body.

The dead body of the unnamed fisherman was found 1 day after he went missing.

The incident happened on Saturday in a rural area of Brasilandia de Minas, a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil around 600 miles north-west of Rio de Janeiro.

His family were given permission to bury his body after investigators ruled out that the incident had no evidence of any crime.

It is still not clear if the fisherman drowned before he was attacked by the piranhas or the fish played a part in his death by preventing him to swim to safety like his 2 friends did.

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