US Agents Raid Wrong Apartment And Hold Mother And Her Baby At Gunpoint

Another one.

A video that is viral on social media right now shows the moment US agents raiding the wrong apartment and holding a mother and her baby at gunpoint.

The incident that we are talking about happened in Florida, USA.

In the video, you can see 22-year-old Kada Staples holding her baby while in tears as officers raided her apartment.

The entire incident was caught on the doorbell camera of Kada.

The mother said that the raid happened on October 22, 2021, when she was taking a quick nap at her apartment in Bradenton.

Her 3-mont-old child was with her.

Armed US officers arrived at her doorstep and ordered her to come out.

In the doorbell footage, which was shared online, one of the officers was heard saying “US Marshals, come to the door.”

Startled by their presence, Staples put her dog in a cage and went to unlock the door.

As she opened the apartment, the armed Marshalls barged past her into the apartment.

Talking about the incident, Staples said that there were around 8 Marshalls with guns.

She added:

They pushed me out of the way and they’re holding me and my baby at gunpoint. And I’m freaking out because there’s seven or eight of them with guns and they’re screaming at me that they know he’s in there.

The footage also showed the mother crying outside the apartment.

The mother also talked about the fact how the officers realized that they had went into the wrong apartment.

She said officers ran out and said that it was the wrong apartment.

The mother said that the agents came back an hour later and explained to her that Shamar Johnson, who is wanted on a homicide warrant, was on the run and made his way into her apartment.

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