US customs destroy cow dung cakes found in suitcase brought by passenger from India

US Customs staff had to destroy a pair of cow dung cakes that were found in a leftover suitcase.

They were reportedly brought in on a Air India Flight.

The staff at the US Customs and Border Protection is now urging incoming air passengers to stop importing the delicacy.

They have said that it poses a serious risk of introducing the Foot and Mouth Disease to the country.

Cow dung is currently believed in India to cure the virus.

Many worshippers of the Hindu religion believe that doing yoga, drinking cow urine, and taking baths with cow dung will help them keep the virus away from them.

Agriculture specialists at the Washington Dulles Airport were deployed to inspect and destroy the cow dung cake.

It was found in a very smelling leftover luggage.

The United States has been free of the Foot and Mouth Disease since the year 1929.

If detected in the country, it could bring the international livestock trade to halt.

The worst thing about this is that government officials in India are suggesting that cow urine and cow dung can treat the virus and it can cure cancer.

They also believe that cow’s milk contains gold.

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