Vets Save Stray Puppy After Cruel Thugs Pour Boiling Hot Tar Over Little One

Vets in Romania saved the life of a little puppy after cruel thugs poured boiling hot tar over the little one.

Images that were shared with the public showed the little puppy covered with the sticky black substance.

According to reports, the little puppy sustained severe burn injuries from the incident.

It is believed that the tar that was poured over the little one was taken from a nearby building sight by the cruel thugs.

They threw it over the stray puppy.

The tar was also left unable to walk as a result of the incident.

The tar smoke also caused damage to the lungs of the little one, who currently has pneumonia.

Vets that treated the dog believe this dog is a stray dog because it was also suffering from malnutrition.

The dog appears to be a mixed breed.

Official reports suggest the dog was discovered in Romania last month.

Mayflower Animal Sanctuary is currently trying to help the dog a forever home.

The spokesman of the animal sanctuary said:

Boiling tar has been deliberately thrown at this puppy, we believe acquired from nearby building sites. The tar has stuck to his fur and skin and caused extreme pain and the inability to move. nThe boiling tar has created toxic fumes which he has breathed in and affected his tiny lungs. Similar to smoke inhalation, he has required treatment for pneumonia. His treatment has started and he is responding well. We believe he will pull through and this sweet boy is still wagging his tail, despite the pain and the horrific cruelty he has endured.

The sanctuary has raised money for the pooch, which will help the authorities transfer the dog from Romania to the UK.

The transfer will happen when the dog is fit and healthy.

Authorities hope the puppy will find their forever home in the UK at the end of this month.

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