This Extremely Rare White Tiger Cub Was Rejected By Own Mother And Is Now Being Raised By Humans

An extremely rare white tiger that was rejected by own mother is not being raised by humans.

Nieve, which means snow in Spanish, was born at the Nicaragua Zoo.

Humans are now raising the cub after their own mother rejected them.

Nieve was born last week.

The news was confirmed by Eduardo Sacasa, the director of the zoo.

The officials said that Nieve is the first ever white tiger to be born in the country.

Their parents are yellow and black colored Bengal tigers, said zoo authorities.

The mother of the cub is a rescue from an abandoned circus.

Nieve inherited the rare white color gene from her grandfather, who was also white.

The cub was rejected by her own mother, which forced the experts at the zoo to take her away.

Marina Arguello is now bottle feeding the animal.

The rate white tiger cub is getting enough food that they need on a daily basis.

Such an amazing story.

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