Woman Finds Snakes Having Party Over Her Washing Machine

Yep, this happened in that country.

A woman was left horrified after she found a group of snakes having a party over her washing machine.

The incident happened in Townsville, which is located in Queensland, Australia.

Kylie Coates, the woman, was left terrified when she found 4 snakes having a party on the top of her washing machine.

Kylie took a video of the incident and shared it on social media with hopes of knowing the species of the snakes.

It turned out that it was a group of green slender snakes that were curling up against each other while they were hanging on the tiny ledge by the window.

They managed to get over the washing machine.

The thing is, the mother also found another snake hiding along the drain-pipe, which is right behind her sink.

The mother said that she found around 4 snakes in the room.

Talking about the incident, she said:

It was a bit hard to keep up with bodies, heads and tails. We always have them (tree snakes) coming for the frogs around our spa but they have ‘upped the ante’ in the presence this week.

She did not reveal how the snakes were removed from over her washing machine.

What would you do if you found snakes having a party over your washing machine? Let us know what you would do by leaving out a comment in the comments section below!

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