Woman Froze Right Away After Finding 7 Inch Daddy Longlegs Spider Inside Her House

If you found a massive spider in your house, what would you do? Freeze? Well, if that’s your answer, you’re not alone.

A woman from Cambridge was left frozen after she found a daddy long legs spider inside her home.

The thing is, the spider is pretty big.

The long-legged spider, which is part of the arachnid family, was seen on October 14, 2021.

The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, was spotted crawling on the wall of her home in Cambridge.

This type of spider is also called as the harvestman.

The thing is, this type of spider is unable to spin a web.

The spider that she found inside her house was around 7 inches big.

Talking about the incident, the woman said:

When I saw it, I froze. I was worried it might jump at me or move quickly. It made me feel itchy and a little bit disgusted. However, I actually think it’s a pretty cool creature, but I definitely wouldn’t like to see one in my house again!

The good thing is that the woman did not kill the daddy long legs spider.

The harvestman spider is harmless and is useful inside the house.

The animal is useful for getting rid of spiders, aphids, dead insects, fungus, bird droppings, worms and snails.

If you see one in your house, let it roam freely and eventually it will go away.

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