Kind Beluga Whale Returns iPhone To Owner After It Was Dropped In The Ocean

A kind beluga whale was caught on camera returning an iPhone to the owner of the device after it was accidentally dropped in the ocean.

Isa Opdahl shared the video on Instagram where it went viral right away.

The video was shared with the caption “when animals are kinder than humans”.

The whale slowly emerged to the surface holding the phone inside its mouth before it was taken back by the rightful owner.

According to official reports, the incident happened in Hammerfest, Norway.

After the video went viral, social media users started to spread rumors claiming that the creature is being trained as a spy by the Russian military.

The name of the phone owner was not revealed with the public.

The local authorities did not release a statement about the incident, nor did they confirm any information about beluga whales being spies.

In an overview though, it’s just clear that the beluga whale was just being a nice animal returning something that didn’t belong to them. I think we, humans, should learn a thing or two from the generous act of the animal.

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By Pei Yong

All the web stuff.

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