Woman Who Managed To Escape North Korea Says She Was Told Kim Jong-Un Can Read Minds

A woman who managed to escape North Korea said that she was told that their supreme leader was capable of reading minds.

Yeonmi Park, was just 13 years old, when she managed to escape the country.

She crossed the Chinese border, got into Mongolia, and got help from a South Korean Embassy.

The girl is currently studying in the United States of America and has spoken out against the regime, which taught her to be afraid to of the Supreme Leader, who they believe is capable of reading minds.

She said that North Koreans are told that the first 2 Kims were very powerful and were like Gods.

The citizens of the country were also told that the spirit of Kim Jong-il lives forever despite him passing away in the year 2011.

Talking about the North Korean Regime, Park said:

What the North Korean regime did was copy the Bible. In Christianity they say God knows what you think and Jesus died but his spirit lives with us forever. That’s what the regime told us – Kim Jong-il died, but his spirit lives forever.

She also said that Kim Jong-un is way less popular.

Talking about the new Kim, she said:

People genuinely believed they were Gods however after Kim Jong-un, the latest Kim, came in it’s been shifting way more. Outside information is going in and telling people actually Kims go to bathrooms, they cry, they are humans not Gods who can move the mountains and do miracles. More people in North Korea are realizing the falsehood of this propaganda.  Kim Jong-il kept promising to North Korean people if you support me until 2012 we are going to go into socialist paradise, the utopia. However, in 2012 nothing happened and he was dead. People were suffering until 2012 and then that utopia didn’t come and they just don’t believe it anymore. So Kim Jong-un definitely has a hard time convincing North Koreans that he is the almighty God and the only one who can take them to the socialist paradise.

Who Is Park Yeon-mi?

Yeon-mi was born on October 4, 1993, and managed to escape North Korea in the year 2007. She is a human rights activist who is currently living in the United States of America. She comes from an educated and politically connected family that played a huge role in black market trading during the economic collapse of North Korea during the 1990s.

Her father was sent to a labor camp for smuggling and as a result, her entire family faced starvation.

The family fled to China, where Park and her mother fell into hands of human traffickers and were sold into slavery before they got into Mongolia.

She is currently an advocate for victims of human trafficking in China and works to promote human rights in North Korea and around the world.

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