Zipline Worker Sacrifices Himself To Save Stranded Woman

A hero.

A man from California, USA, died after they sacrificed their life to save a woman on a zipline after fearing that they would both fall under the weight.

34-year-old Joaquin Romero was working at La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline on the La Jolla Indian Reservation in the Pauma Valley in California on Saturday when a woman slid out on the line while he was helping her get hooked on the platform.

Romero reportedly grabbed on the harness of the unnamed woman to stop her, but instead, he got dragged away, which caused them to slide out on the line at around 100-feet.

Romero Drifted down the line with the woman before falling at a height of around 70ft.

The California Fire Department’s Captain Frank LoCoco confirmed the news.

An unnamed witness, who identified Romero, said that Romero feared he and the woman would fall from the extra weight.

As a result, he decided to let go.

The zipline can hold up to 250 pounds with a minimum of 65 pounds, said a report by DailyMail.

California Fire Department’s Captain Frank LoCoco said that Romero dropped 100 feet and suffered from major trauma injuries.

He was airlifted to the Sharp Memorial Hospital, where he died on Monday morning.

The woman was reportedly uninjured. 

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