The Taliban Government Has A List Of Gay People That They’re Going To Kill

According to a group, the Taliban government currently has a list of gay people that they are going to kill, which has forced many of them to go into hiding.

The extremist interpretation of the Taliban Government in Afghanistan prohibits homosexuality.

Kimahliu Powell, executive director of the Rainbow Railroad, claimed that the Taliban have created a list of gay people who they want to kill.

He said:

This is a really scary time to be in Afghanistan. We now know for sure the Taliban has a ‘kill list’ circulating, identifying LBTQI+ persons.

Powell said that the Taliban paid close attention to the names of people that foreign rights groups have tried to evacuate in the recent weeks.

This happened as the United States of America was withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Powell said that a lot of information leaked after Kabul fell.

People that were unable to be evacuated were listed in the kill list of the Taliban as their identities were exposed.

He went on:

Some individuals who have reached out to us have told us about how they’ve received a mystery email from someone claiming to be connected with Rainbow Railroad asking for their information and passport. That’s how we know the information has been leaked.

Under the Taliban rule, people of the LGBT community are vulnerable.

Most of the people that are caught are usually killed or badly beaten up.

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