15-Year-Old Indian Girl Cries Stone Tears And Sheds Nearly 15 Rocks Per Day

A 15-year-old girl from Uttar Pradesh, India is leaving doctors with tons of questions after she told them that she cries stone tears and sheds nearly 15 rocks per day from one eye.

The girl, who is from Kannauj, claims that for nearly 2 months, she shreds around 10 to 15 stones from her left eye.

In images that were shared on social media, you can see the girl with a lump in the upper left-hand side of her eyelid.

The girl is from the village of Gadiya Balidsapur.

The family have consulted doctors in their locality, however, no one has given them any answers on what’s causing her to shed tears.

In a video that was filmed of the girl, she could be seen with a lump in the upper left side of her eyelid.

In the same video, a stone also drops out of the lump and falls on the cloth of the girl.

After some time, in the same video, another rock-like item drops from the upper right hand side of the girl’s eyelid.

A woman in the video was also seen grabbing the stones.

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