Indian man who was “murdered” returns home despite being declared dead

A man from Assam, India, who was considered to be murdered a couple of days ago returned to his house despite being declared dead. That is a confusing sentence to read, right? According to reports, the unusual incident happened at the Raidang Tea Estate in Tinsukia district of Upper Assam.  Tarun Bhumij, a resident of […]


Indian YouTuber who made his dog fly arrested for animal cruelty

An Indian YouTuber who was recently shared a video of himself making his dog fly by tying a number of helium balloons to it has been arrested by the local authorities in their home country. Watch the entire video below: Gaurav Sharma, the YouTuber, was arrested for animal cruelty. They shared the video on their […]


Dumb Indian tries to send 10 kilograms of cocaine to Australia through courier

A man from India is making headlines all over the world for trying to send 10 kilograms of cocaine to another country through courier. The Chandigarh Police said that over 10 kilograms of cocaine worth over ₹ 100 crore was recovered from a man that was trying to send the narcotic to Australia. The police also […]