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26 Teenage Girls On Afghanistan National Soccer Team Granted Asylum In Portugal

Good news for soccer fans!

26 teenage girls from the Afghanistan’s national soccer team have been granted asylum in Portugal.

The girls, who are all 14 and 16, have been trying to leave Afghanistan since the Taliban regained control of the country following the withdrawal of the US Forces.

The members recently left their homeland and have been granted asylum in Portugal.

Afghanistan Women’s National Soccer Team Captain Farkhunda Muhtaj said:

They’re extremely thankful they don’t know what to say. Again, they don’t even, can’t even fathom that they’re out of Afghanistan. They’re still in a state of shock and can’t believe it.

The girls said that they were trying to leave the country since the Taliban regained control over it.

The girls said they feared that they would not be allowed to play football anymore because the Taliban have said in public that they would not allow girls or women to play sports in their country.

Wida Zemarai, the coach of the team, said that it is a relief that they are not in Afghanistan anymore.

She added:

They can’t explain with feelings how we feel right now, what these things mean for them and to see them happy. It makes us very happy. And I’m very proud of all the team.

The Afghan girls have big dreams said the coach.

Some of the girls want to become doctors, some want to become engineers and some want to play soccer on a professional level.

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