First Grader Refused To Take Off Mask During Picture Taking Because “Mommy Told Me Not To”

This boy is an obedient little one.

A 6-year-old first-grade student named Mason refused to take his mask off for his first-grade school photos because his mother told him not to do so.

the photographer reportedly asked Mason to take his navy mask off before snapping his picture and Mason politely declined to do so.

His mother Nicole Peoples told The Washington Post that the boy refused to remove the mask because she told him to avoid doing it.

The photographer asked the boy to remove the mask for the photo session and the boy politely replied “my mommy told me not to take my mask off”.

The photographer asked him again if he was sure.

Mason then replied:

No, my mommy seriously told me to keep it on unless I’m eating and far away from everybody.

The photographer then suggested the boy to take it off for 2 seconds so he could snap a picture of him.

Mason politely told him no again telling the photographer that he always listens to his mother.

Mason, a first-grader from Nevada, USA, did however say cheese when the picture was taken by the photographer.

Nicole said that his son stood his ground firmly and followed her instructions.

Talking about the picture day, Nicole said that her son was really excited about getting one.

She added:

I was expecting him to go to school and take his beautiful picture. I thought that he’d show that big, beautiful smile. Instead, he came home with the cutest story.

Talking about the picture, Nicole said:

The photo is just a great memory of what’s going on and how the kids are overcoming it. She continued: It has a really special meaning because it shows how proud he was to listen and to follow my directions. Even when I wasn’t there to remind him, he remembered.

Talking about Mason, the mother said that he wears his mask all the time proudly.

She went on:

He remembers to wears his mask, and he does it proudly because he cares and because he doesn’t want to see anybody sick. I hope this does serve as a message to other people, to use this little 6-year-old boy as a symbol to remember to wear your mask out of the kindness of your heart.

When asked what she’s planning to do with the picture of Mason while wearing his mask, she said that she is going to place it in the center of their family picture wall.

Mason, you are a very obedient kid. Please don’t change.

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