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Taxi Company In Bangkok Turns Old Cabs Into Vegetable Gardens To Help Struggling Taxi Drivers

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, taxi drivers in Bangkok are having a hard time to earn money, but the good thing is that a company in the city is trying to help them out.

A taxi company in Thailand has found a good use of their old cabs, which are now vegetable gardens.

The company s using the taxis as vegetable gardens, which struggling drivers use to bring food back to their houses.

The taxi company decided to turn a part of their old fleet into vegetable gardens.

Over three hundred taxi roofs and trunks are now serving as micro-farms.

The company said that many of their taxi drivers have struggled to make money with business on the downturn since this pandemic.

They said that their gardens are a way to put food on their tables as they are going through the tough times.

The taxi gardens are also being used as a kind of green protest to government agencies.

Taxi cooperatives like this in Bangkok want the government to step in and do more to help their people and the small businesses.

Thailand has said that they have registered over a million and a half coronavirus infections out of a population of almost 70 million.

Only 21 percent of the country is vaccinated.

This is such a good way to help the struggling drivers during such horrifying times.

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