90-year-old man spends $10,000 on newspaper advertisement to complain about slow service of AT&T

Slow internet? Well, you might learn a thing or two from this man.

A 90-year-old man from the USA ended up spending $10,000 on newspaper advertisements so they could complain about the slow internet that is being provided by AT&T.

Aaron M. Epstein, was paying for 3.5 mbps of speed, however, the internet was extremely slow and could not do anything.

The man said simple movies on Netflix were not loading properly and other services were like slideshows.

During an interview with local news agencies, the old man said that he and his wife passed time during the pandemic by streaming movies and TV shows.

However, the stream would start, stop, start, and stop again and again.

This left them very frustrated.

Epstein joined AT&T in 1960, but he only started to have issues with his internet speed in the last 5 years.

He said his internet slowed down when online streaming became widely available.

The man started calling the internet provider for faster services, however, the staff told him that it was not available in his area.

Because it was really hard for him to change internet providers, considering he would have his number and email changed, the man took everything into his own hands.

He ended up spending money by venting in The Wall Street Journal.

He took out 2 ads in the renowned newspaper and said “Open Letter to Mr. John T. Stankey CEO AT&T”.

His ad ran in the February 3 of the publication in NYC and Texas.

He said in the ad:

We need to keep up with current technology and have looked to AT&T to supply us with fast internet service. Yet, although AT&T is advertising speeds up to 100 MBS for other neighbourhoods, the fastest now available to us from ATT is only 3 MBS. Your competitors now have speeds of over 200 MBS. Why is AT&T a leading communications company, treating us so shabbily in North Hollywood?

The decision to take a jab at the company did not come easy, the man reportedly had to pay around $10,000.

The ad worked though.

It was later revealed that Epstein received a call from the office of the CEO.

2 technicians were sent to the house of Epstein and they set up a fast internet.

Talking about his ad and internet, he said:

It’s definitely a lot faster and it’s everything I expect of it. I’m not a frivolous spender of money and $10,000 means a lot to me, but in this particular instance it was money well spent. People are not going to expensive restaurants. People are not going on fancy vacations. My wife and I are at home and watch Netflix and streaming services more. So, I have no complaints whatsoever about spending this kind of money.

After being supplied with the new and faster internet, Epstein received a call from the CEO himself.

A spokesperson from the company confirmed the incident and said that they have planned an expansion of AT&T Fiber in the neighbourhood of Epstein.

It was explained that the development is part of the new expansion in the larger Los Angeles Area.

The spokesperson said:

Nationally, we recently announced that we will bring AT&T Fiber to an additional two million residential locations this year.

Let’s hope the old man and his wife could enjoy the new and faster internet.

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