Adopted Dog Visits Place Where Owner Was Killed Daily Without Knowing Owner Is Dead

A dog never forgets.

A loyal dog is making headlines all over the world for showing how much love they still have for their deceased owner.

3 weeks after an explosion that killed 7 coal miners, a loyal dog of one of the victims is still coming to visit its later owner on a daily basis.

53-year-old Gonzalo Cruz adopted an abandoned dog who he named Cuchufleto 6 months ago.

The dog and the owner would walk half a mile to the coal mine where he worked at on a daily basis until the tragic day.

Sandra Briseno, the widow of Cruz, said:

He would leave with my husband at 6:30am. He even went inside with my husband to the mine. He did not care that it was dark. There he was. Sometimes he would go out and wait for him outside.

The dog would sometimes return back home while Cruz was working and would go back to the mine when it was time to go home.

Sadly, on June 4, 2021, the mine collapsed killing seven miners, which includes Cruz.

Chuchufleto sensed that Cruz had not arrived back from the mine on June 4 and walked to the mine to check out on his owner.

He was met by dozens of workers trying to rescue the trapped people inside.

The puppy stood outside the mine until the rescue workers pulled his owner’s body out of the wreckage on June 6.

Later that, Cruz was laid to rest.

The dog did not return home that night.

Since the day of the incident, the dog spends his days lying on the door steps of their house with hopes that the owner would come back.

Not only that, but they also travel to the mine site to wait for their owner.

The dog also eats very little and only drinks water.

Talking about the dog, Briseno said:

Maybe he thinks that my husband is still there, he turns around and comes back and stays lying. One day he was crying and crying, moaning, like a cry when something hurts. It is the pain that he feels for the absence of my husband who he has not seen.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Cruz, may his soul rest in peace. 

By Pei Yong

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