Adorable Baby Smiles After Seeing A Dog For The First Time

A 6-month-old baby girl that was born during the coronavirus pandemic had an adorable reaction after they saw a 2 dogs for the first time.

The baby was on a walk with her mother through a suburban street in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, when they saw the dogs.

In the video that was shared on social media, you can see the little girl smiling in complete awe after they saw the dogs.

The mother of the baby said that it was the first time that her daughter had seen a dog.

She also said that the family has been living most of the time inside their house because of the pandemic.

The city of Melbourne has been in lockdown for over 200 days now.

In the video that she shared, you can also hear the dog walker telling the mother that the little girl is probably laughing at her.

The entire thing is just too adorable, right? 

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