Kangaroo Shakes Man’s Hand After He Was Saved By Hero Out Of A Freezing Lake

You shake the hand of a person who helps you out.

An exhausted kangaroo shook a man’s hand after they were pulled to safety by 2 heroes who dove right into chilly waters.

The good thing is that the entire heartwarming rescue was caught on camera.

David Boyd shared a video on Facebook after he had seen the kangaroo stuck in the freezing waters of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra on Tuesday morning.

In the video, you can see two men slowly moving their way to the frightened kangaroo in the water.

Their arms were out as they went closer to the kangaroo, just to signal that they were there to help him out.

The little kangaroo could be seen shivering while look at the 2 men.

One of the men reached out to grab the kangaroo, which made it throw its arms around out of fear.

Eventually, the two men were able to grab a hold of the worried kangaroo and brought him to safety.

Another passerby helped in calming the kangaroo and when that was happening, which was outside the cold water, the unexpected happened.

The kangaroo extended its arm around to one of them and was trying to shake his hand.

The video was shared on social media, where it went viral right away.

Boyd said that it took the kangaroo around 30 minutes to perk up again as it was in a shocked state.

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