Among Us shaped Chicken McNugget sells for $99,997

It’s pretty expensive.

A McDonald’s Chicken McNugget that resembles to the player characters in Among Us, a game on mobile and desktop, sold on eBay for just $100,000.

Polizna, an eBay user, shared the listing on the website recently.

It was initially listed at only 99 cents, but after 184 bids, the item sold for $99,997.

The listing said that the nugget camed from a BTS McDonald’s meal.

The seller said that the nugget is going to be delivered in a edible condition.

He said:

This food product has an average expiration of about 14 days and will be delivered prior to expiration.

The post even got the attention of Among Us creators.

They shared a link to the auction.

Here is their hilarious post:

They also tagged McDonald’s in the post, saying:

A lot of hilarious things going on, on the internet right now, right?

Xbox also stepped in and said that the Szechuan sauce should come with the nugget.

Hilarious and scary that someone bought a nugget for nearly $100,000.

It is still unclear if the person really sold the sauce with the nugget.

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