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Bad luck brings luck? Florida man wins $1 million lottery jackpot after family vehicles breakdown

A man from Florida, USA, is making headlines all over the internet after they won a massive price in the lottery.

The thing is, everything good came to this man’s family when they were having a rough time.

38-year-old Curtis Fuller of Jacksonville, Florida, said that his truck and his wife’s car broke down 2 days before winning the lottery.

During hid meeting with the Florida Lottery. Officials, the man said that he bought his 50X The Cash scratch-off ticket days their vehicles stopped working.

They bought the ticket from thr First Coast Energy in Jacksonville.

Talking about their situation, the winner said: 

My wife’s car broke down a few days ago and 2 days after that my truck broke down.

Little did they know that the ticket they had gotten from the shop was carrying the jackpot price.

When asked what he was going to do with the money, he said they will use the money to solve the vehicular problems that they currently have.

Not only that, but he said they will use the money to buy a new house along with the 2 vehicles.

Good things happen to people that can wait.

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