Blood Thirsty Dogs Attack Defenseless Chained Bear In Russia

2 blood thirsty dogs attacked a chained brown bear for a couple of minutes.

A Russian animal rights group captured the footage at a suspected baiting station.

One of the dogs were seen biting into the leg of the bear from behind with the animal trying to fight back, however, it was held back by its chain.

It is banned in Russia to use wild-caught animals to train dogs for hunting, however this still happened.

The footage of the baiting incident was reportedly filmed around 200 kilometers outside of Moscow.

Peter Hoffken, a wild animal specialist that works for PETA Germany, was not happy with the incident.

He said:   

It’s shameful that sensitive bears are still being attacked and injured by dogs when Russian officials have the power to stop it. PETA is respectfully urging Mr Putin to ensure authorities nationwide end this barbaric and illegal practice once and for all.

PETA sent an urgent letter to Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, to crack down the activity and help the animals that are suffering.

PETA   claims that such instances are pretty common.

The group said that bears and other wild animals are locked up in small cages and are often used to train dogs to kill.

Those who do not die of stress or injuries are killed once they are no longer useful for hunters.

The activist in Russia, who was not named, that recorded the video said they saw a badger and a boar being held in cages at the cruel facility.

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